Affirmations and the Fear of Death

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Are you afraid of death? You are not alone. Many people spend quite a bit of their living time being very concerned about where they might go when they die (if anywhere) and what might happen when they get there (if anything). Seems like a lot to think about. But is thinking about death to the point of sleepless nights really necessary? I don't think so, but let's talk about it.

Well, the first thing we all know is that everyone dies at some point. The second thing we know is that what happens after we die is a mystery. Doesn't it seem kind of odd that with all our technology and intelligence that we have not figured out this death thing? Marry that with the fact that we have not really figured out where we came from to begin with either and it seems like we have a pattern here of intended unknowns. No one is certain where we came from and no one is certain where will go once this life is over. Oh, sure some religious people will give you an earful about heaven, hell, paradise and a whole bunch of other places, but they don't really know either they have just found comfort in the teachings of their faith. Mankind has always purposed theories about these things as they tried to make peace with the issue of dying.

What if the intention of our death was to welcome the unknown? What if we came to peace with our death and were able to get on living? Could an affirmation help? You bet.

If you are one of the many who are afraid of dying and anything surrounding your death try these affirmations. After a short period of time you will feel more alive and forget about when your life will end and what may or may not happen.

I am open to understanding death.

I release when and how I will die. I will die when my time here on earth is over.

I embrace life.

I am open to living my life at its fullest.

I am safe and always will be, even after I die.

When I die, I will go wherever I go and do whatever I will do. Most of all I will be totally ok.

My life on this earth will end when I am ready to leave.

I am ready to live my life.

I am ok with dying and now I am ready to start living.

Try these affirmations whenever you feel the urge to spend your living time thinking about the mystery of what will happen when you are no longer here. In no time you will be much more interested in living in the here and now and leaving that dying stuff to all the people who have gone before you.

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Affirmations and the Fear of Death

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This article was published on 2010/04/03