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Special report: "Sweatshop" employees Foxconn ReheaterTubes Explosion death case

Recently, just out of the Foxconn 2009 Sun Danyong event staff sudden death once again erupted, the 19-year-old Staff horse forward in the early morning of 23 production lines in Shenzhen Foxconn sudden death, one after another on this issue, the domestic public comment. After the incident, local police initially identified the dead as death, but family members and many Internet users have identified are very recognized, consolidated the media broke the news and comments from netizens Xiaobian that at least five major doubt for this event.

Fuji Kang Guanlan plant Doubt one: Foxconn is destruction of evidence?

Posted online under the deceased sister's statement, the deceased in the morning after the accident occurred, Foxconn until 7 am to inform family members before, and will be closed the scene, refused to enter the family and given a free hand to the deceased into the funeral parlor freeze up. The families of the deceased in order when the foreign body, they found significant evidence?? Phone gone dead beds, relics are flip the scene.

This argument will no doubt be directed at Foxconn, Foxconn Internet users in the long-standing reputation, the majority of Internet users are believed to shirk its responsibility for a series of destruction of evidence approach, from the HC Electronic Network, launched yesterday, voting results, polling more than a thousand users to participate in more than 70% of people think that dead horse forward with Foxconn absolutely can not get away. Even if the destruction of evidence as fact, whether the company would direct superiors or subordinates its own, and we do not know.

Doubt two: whether the deceased died in the line of work?

Family of the deceased, according to media reports and described horse died in the company to move the factory there is no doubt. According to the family described the incident factory director surnamed Sun said she had been mine two days, does not recognize the dead night of work. With memories of the deceased colleagues, the same day evening 22:00 to see the dead night at 4 am when they found dead in the dormitory downstairs.

Night whether the deceased go to work? If the deceased has not gone to work? Sun in charge of "absenteeism on the" hold water? Is to study a major focus of her death.

Doubt 3: Why is not the first time the forensic identification of the deceased was found injured?

Described under the family of the deceased, the bodies lying on the funeral obvious trauma, nostrils blood, bright red lips, forehead and upper chest weapon of indentation, but witnesses and forensic conclusions There is no body injuries are sudden death.

Yesterday made a second forensic identification, the family of the deceased to the media, in addition to the Internet before she said injuries, the current re-discovered the dead body with multiple abrasions and blood, suspected to have been caused by sharp . The left side of her head back of the head has a 3.5-cm wound about knife marks, bruising the right side and back of the head congestion, elbow and arm sleeves approximately 3.5 cm between the three abrasions. Forehead, chest, heels have bruising, head four 0.5 cm holes. The identification of completely denying the Foxconn has said the dead before the "sudden death" speech, but so much is so obvious wounds forensic identification in the first time why not find? Worth considering.
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Foxconn Sudden Death Of Five Of Doubt 11 Dialysis Staff - Foxconn, Sudden Death, Horse Forward - The

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Foxconn Sudden Death Of Five Of Doubt 11 Dialysis Staff - Foxconn, Sudden Death, Horse Forward - The

This article was published on 2011/01/18