The Mystery Of Death

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To me death is like living, everyone has to experience it and go through the process. As any other normal human being I am as fearful of death as the next person, but what really is scary is what will happen to me after I am dead, for example I would not be happy if my body is used as a display, I think dying should be approached as a reality and children should be allowed to experience it from near or far, as it will help them better dealing with it, and will create less of a confusion.

In this age of fast paced development, death is as evident as it was centuries ago, and I agree with Kubbler-Ross that the emotional needs of the dying person or a sick person go into the background, although medical help is necessary and saving a persons life important, but this has made death less human and more lonely. Moreover the peace and quite, and the company of loved ones that a dying person may need is denied because society has started pushing dying people away, the emotional coping techniques have changed, as people like to be removed from such activities, and feel uncomfortable with it which was not the case in the past.

Grices perspective is almost similar, in his view death and human body has lost its sanctity and respect, with new development. As long as people are viewing an object from the safety of their homes, on a PC or on a television, death does not bother them, as they are unaffected by it, this callousness has become a part of our culture which has was absent in the past, but has become strongly entrenched in the society very rapidly.

Thus overall what has happened or happening is that death is the same and so are the emotions attached with it, however, the way people deal with death has changed drastically and these views are becoming more inhuman and mechanical as well as selfish.
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The Mystery Of Death

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This article was published on 2011/02/08