World of Warcraft - Death Knight Leveling Guide

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You will always find a variety of knights, but none of them is as exceptional as the death knight. It basically has three levels, with the first one starting at level 55, which allows you to add on your points. What's amazing is that if you manage to leave level 58, it will help you in working without necessarily having to visit the previous content of the old game.

Death knights come in two categories; the DPS and the can tank. DPS basically has two options to choose from in the talent section: Unholy and Blood. Blood offers a good option since its DPS is high, providing you with the advantage of getting your damage in health. This further lowers the down-time of the fight classes, thus making it difficult for healers to heal you frequently.

As much as the unholy knights rarely heal, they do manage to kill with help. However, when perfect talent specialization is done, the unholy death knight will have a follower that will always be present until the time it is killed. They might even take as long as two minutes if less specialization is done.

You should not forget that tanking knights are well trained and have a great difference when compared to the other tanks, particularly the warriors and paladins, which appear to be less specialized. What's surprising is that they don't apply the use of shields just like the druids. They also insure that they use their defence in a special way, plus have great stamina which comes in handy. The fact that they have one-hand weapons and a dual wield gives them an added advantage.

Just as the name suggests tanking death knights possess great tanking abilities, which helps them to tackle multiple monsters without troubles. They don't have rage or mana but the runes plus runic power sets them apart.

Runes at some point appear a bit difficult to understand. The logic is that you need six runes with two of base type. The three major runes, frost, unholy and blood runes, can be sampled out in a special way. With frost and unholy, you can be in a position to successfully bring out the death runes, which count as, frost unholy and death runes. This basically offers you a unique opportunity when playing death knight.

One simple tip for you is to always remain cautious as you play death knight. Remember that they are exclusively unique and might not appear in any other way to be same as any of the classes that you have played before.

Be attentive to the levelling guide plus the quests as well, especially if you are a beginner. This will, in a much simpler way, teach you the basics of the game, and will further explain how to fully utilize the efficiency and pleasure that you achieve from playing death knight.

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World of Warcraft - Death Knight Leveling Guide

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This article was published on 2010/04/02